I think that photography finds its fulfillment completeness when it is printed. I encourage all my couples to print their photos. By personally creating a suitable and valid support, able to preserve and preserve photos as witnesses of a new life. I like to think of my customers celebrating their anniversary by browsing through their painstakingly created wedding album about them. I like to think about sipping a glass of champagne sitting on the living room floor, getting excited in the memories or showing them to their children. Printing with Graphistudio for me means honoring what for me is the path taken by my father many years ago when he created it, it means giving quality to my customers in a conscious way since I walk inside the laboratory where the books are created, it means also being able to design a product tailored to my clients, with shapes and materials decided by me for them, according to their stories, tastes, ethnicities, cultures. I think the printed albums will exist forever, so it’s not with technology that is constantly changing. I feel that my task is to create timeless memories that remain with an idea of ​​eternity.